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Pyprojectx 2.0.8 has been released :tada:

Pyprojectx now allows you to lock the version of the tools you use in your project.

It is advised to run ./pw --lock to prevent your toolchain to suddenly break (yes this happens!).

Using pyprojectx in your project is as simple as:

curl -LO https://github.com/houbie/pyprojectx/releases/latest/download/wrappers.zip && unzip wrappers.zip && rm -f wrappers.zip

or on Windows:

Invoke-WebRequest https://github.com/pyprojectx/pyprojectx/releases/latest/download/wrappers.zip -OutFile wrappers.zip; Expand-Archive -Force -Path wrappers.zip -DestinationPath .; Remove-Item -Path wrappers.zip

and adding pw and pw.bat to version control.

Then you can, for example, run ./pw --add pdm and ./pw pdm init (or pw --add poetry) to initialize a new project.

Other notable changes in this release:

  • simplified configuration
  • combine multiple tools into tool contexts